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Ingrid Green writes:

Dr. Reikie came highly recommended by a number of dentists. I was impressed by the professionalism of the office from the front desk to the operatory. My time in the chair was respected and I felt that the staff focused on my procedures without interruption. I had many issues dentally regarding my consideration of aesthetic reconstructive treatment and Dr. Reikie was thorough in his explanation of what expectations should be. At the time of my appointment, I was made to feel very comfortable and at ease and I left feeling quite relaxed. When I returned to have the finished lab work cemented, I was slightly nervous as to what the final result would be. Having a look in the mirror, I could not believe what Dr. Reikie and his lab technicians had made possible. All the aesthetic concerns I had vanished, and I was so thoroughly satisfied with the results. I left the office feeling I had my smile and confidence back!

Terry Waddock writes:

I recommend Dr. Reikie to you for your dental work. He is courteous, caring, skilled and a thorough professional and a perfectionist. He fully delivers what he promises and does not make any foolish promises as well, from my experience, some in his profession do. He promises to be and always is readily available at short notice if an adjustment arises with work that he has done for me.

Pamela Nielsen writes:

Dr. Reikie and his staff are wonderful! My smile is very important to me. I had old crowns that needed to be replaced, an ill-fitting and uncomfortable bridge and discolored front teeth. I needed major work. I had crowns put on all my upper teeth and four bottom teeth. The crowns are beautiful!

I was nervous about the length of time it would take to do the preparation work prior to the new crowns and the discomfort during and after the work. To my surprise, my experience was pleasant. I have not experienced gentle dental care like I did here.

Dr. Reikie and his staff are professional, caring, accommodating and efficient. I love my new teeth and my smile! Thank you.

Dr. Donna Silverson-Goss writes:

Patsy Steen writes:

Thank you all very much for making my extensive treatment as smooth and painless as possible! I appreciate the kindness and professionalism shown by everyone in the office. Thank you for a wonderful result. It is nice in these rushed times of ours to find people who take immense pride in their professionalism. It shows!

Thank you, thank you, thank you to Dr. Donald Reikie and his fabulous team members. My journey has been a long one. I have had the fear of dental work and especially needles since I was small, and that is an understatement. With the help of a horse who knocked out my front teeth when I was 12 years old, and my neglect because of being really afraid of getting any dental work done, my mouth was a mess. When it came time to do the teeth and make my mouth beautiful, a friend recommended Dr. Donald Reikie. She had a lot of work done by Dr. Reikie and highly recommended him and his team. Thank you so much Lorraine. I had a preliminary exam, and then my husband and I decided for me to get everything done by Dr. Reikie. I was so scared on my first appointment. I felt physically sick and was a wreck. When I arrived and was in my room, they put a warm blanket on me, a pillow behind my neck, and every time Dr. Reikie was not working on me a warm comforting hand would come under my jaw to close my mouth. Dr. Reikie was so gentle and with the help of sedation it was a very easy day. So many little things were done by the team that they are too many to mention, and all add up for the whole experience.


The best is NOW. At 60 years of age and after so many years, I have teeth that are so much like what God gave me, it is amazing. To go through day-by-day and not have to even think negatively about my mouth is wonderful. Words cannot express how normal my mouth feels. Since I was 12 years old I have had a denture, now I have real teeth, or as close as man can make it.


Thank you again Dr. Reikie and I am so glad you are a lot younger than me so I will not have to find another prosthodontist in my years.

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